Shopping Your Closet

I am doing more closet overhauls than ever before. The term “shop your own closet” is the catch phrase, as we spend more discretionary income on “experiences” vs. “things” or are tightening our belt’s, as we face a more and more precarious world and future. Basically “shopping your own closet” is the process of revaluating lingering inventory in your wardrobe and deciding how these items, currently being ignored, dismissed or forgotten can or cannot be put to use. You should allow a full day for this particular shopping venture. As with any form of shopping, some caffeine or wine will not harm the process. Buzzwords = CLASSIFY, REVIEW, EDIT and REVALUE.


Layout and organize your wardrobe by what we term in the fashion biz, as “Classification”. For Men classifications include – Jackets, Pants, Jeans, Shirts, Knitwear (sweaters), Jersey (items such as T –shirts, polo’s), Suits, Outerwear, Leather, Footwear, Bathing Suits, Gym Clothes, Footwear and Neckwear. For Women add the classifications of Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Handbags, Misc Jewelry and Accessories.


This is time consuming since it involves trying on and reviewing everything within each classification. If you question your ability to be objective regarding what you see in the mirror, it is best to have another set of eyes present. Preferably those eyes should belong to someone whose style and point of view you trust or a professional stylist (I’m up for it if you live in the NYC area or want to fly me in for a visit 🙂

Keep in mind:

Does the item fit properly? If not, can it be altered to do so?

Does the fit look “current”?  For example, a baggy Men’s suit from the late 90’s may not be able to be altered into a streamlined 2017 model or Women’s high-waisted pants from 2014 may look fresh if you have them “cropped” to ankle length.


What needs to go and what should stay. A piece should be kept if you love it, it fits properly or can be made to fit properly, is not damaged or worn beyond repair. Items which are leaving can be given to friends, donated, consigned or sold.


This step is sort of like successfully renewing an old relationship. You can be together, but times have changed, you are now different people and adjustments need to be made to make it work. For example, fashion has relaxed a lot in the last few years. That vintage print Prada shirt you never wore much may work with your gray pin-stripe suit to make the suit less “serious” A Ralph Lauren prairie skirt could be worn with a bathing suit, making a great beach cover up, perfect for a weekend in Sag Harbor!!




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