WOW in Summer Whites

So here we are at mid – summer and it’s the time to pull out the summer whites. White (preferably cotton) pants, shorts, polo’s, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters (light weight), jackets, sneakers etc. you name it!

Paul & simon white

Of course, everything goes with white. However, I prefer whites mixed with dark tones (black, navy, dark chocolate), paired with a bright print or pattern or (my most favorite) the WOW Look (white on white).

You can’t go wrong with wearing white pants or shorts with black knit, polo or t shirt. I tend to avoid wearing a white shirt with black shorts or pants, lest you be mistaken for the catering staff.


Paul Luckys

A graphic or bold print or pattern can be toned down when paired with white. Here a white Uniqlo stretch cotton t shirt cools down graphic lattice pattern pants from Mr. Turk.


WOW Look – can be a real wow!  All white is photogenic, stands out in a crowd and somehow seems heroic. Maybe it’s the “that looks great but I couldn’t pull that off” vibe it sometimes elicits.


Wearing white on white can be tricky (a mid summer tan helps) but the number one rule is to be sure your whites match. Don’t pair ivory shorts with a pure white polo. The pure white will make the ivory look dingy. Do match your whites and throw in some texture to avoid looking too “flat”. Pair a plain white t-shirt with white corded pants and nubby textured sports jacket.


Most of all remember that Oxiclean is your friend!!!


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