What to Pack?


I have done a fair amount of travel over the years, for either business, pleasure or both. We are now in the latter half of the summer and everyone’s travel plans go into high gear. Aside from the usual travel stress, delayed flights, over crowded airports, customs, other people… blah, blah, blah, a major stress is packing for the trip.  “I have to pack.” “I don’t know what to pack?”, “I don’t want to over pack?!”

Some basic rules for packing smart.

Color palette – This is an important one. Whether  traveling for a weekend or a month, stick to a specific color palette when packing. This will keep you focused when deciding what goes into that Delseytrolley. Black/ Tan/Ivory, Gray/ Navy/Green/White, in my example for this article (a beach weekend) I went with Black/Blue/Red/White.

When deciding on a color scheme it is important to consider where you are going and what you will be doing. For a five day business trip to London a palette of Black/Khaki/White will work. A ten day jaunt in St. Bart’s will be good for Off-White/Navy/Pink. There may be times when you combine fun and work in a trip, so if you are in London for work, but are taking an extra day or two to head over to Paris, make sure you throw a pair of Black 3×1 Jeans and Frye High Tops into your bag that will work within the Black/Khaki/White palette.






Dress Rehearsal – It’s just what it says it is (some of my clients prefer the term “costume test”) but this implies not dressing for a real life situation, so I prefer the former terminology. Basically, just try on everything you are planning to take on the trip. This will ensure everything you pack fits and is wearable. If you pack jeans which have become way tight from too much celebrating over the Holidays, either you will not wear them during the trip or given no other choice, wear them and be uncomfortable.

In addition to trying everything on, mix it up. Can the black suit packed for a business meeting be paired with the white polo and white sneakers for casual dinners? Maybe the black wool suit looks too formal to dress down, so switch to the black seer suit which will provide more wear mileage during the trip?

 Edit – Expanding upon that last point..EDIT. Given that getting from A to B can be a nightmare these days, it is better to pack light and have less baggage (maybe not having to check luggage and going with public transport in order to avoid cars and heavy traffic etc.)  A lighter bag will always make travel easier. Again, think about packing items which can do double or triple duty. Perhaps a great blazer which can go casual or dress, work with jeans and T shirt or a dress shirt and trousers. Another tip is to wear that same jacket on the flight and avoid having to pack it!


We are heading out to Fire Island this weekend, So what am I packing? Given it will be a casual beach weekend, I am going with Navy/Black/White/Red color palette. I am going to be outside much of the time, on or near the beach,  it’s warm during the day, cooling off a bit at night.

Here’s what is going in my weekend duffle.

Clockwise from left- hand corner:

Black cotton tank with side zips – River Island UK, Straw w feather hat – Joyce – Hong Kong, White Sweatshirt w navy and red cuffs – Band of Outsiders, Navy sneakers – Nike Soho, Red leather belt – Barneys New York, Khaki cotton trousers – Uniqlo, Royal Blue shorts – Mr. Turk, White cotton shorts – Uniqlo, Red cotton T shirts – J. Crew, Navy and Gray bandana’s –TAGG, Black rubber Birkenstocks, Black and White “Marilyn” print swim trunks – Dries Van Noten, Gray polo with blue birds – Uniqlo and Sunglasses – Tom Ford.


Travel light and safe!!








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