Worst Men’s 2017 Fashion Trends

Let’s discuss what trends to avoid for Fall 2017. Some of these are worse than others. I have listed them from bearable to horrible. Actually, other than the first one, which can be acceptable if executed properly, the rest are definite NO’s.

Portrait in Black 



I’ll get some flack for this one, but the All Black Head to Toe Look is sooo boring. It seems dated and lazy. I am sorry but when I see the sales staff at Bloomingdales clad in their all black garb it just doesn’t look chic. Part of the problem is dressing in an all black look requires some thought to pull together. The “blacks” have to work together, if one is too “blue” it can make the other black look “faded” etc. Also, all black requires playing with texture. Pair a nubby black sweater with smooth wool pant and a leather jacket with a shiny finish. Unless, you put real thought into it, please avoid the All Black Look. I think Ne-Yo is an amazing artist but he could do so much better than this look he wore to a GQ’s Men of the Year Awards.


Parody Fashion



It seems as though the fashion industry has needed to laugh at itself given the current state of business. I think the laugh is more on the wearer than anything else. Bottega Veneta/Bodega Vendetta, Martin Margiela/ Mar Ghell Uh, Gap/Trap. Done.






Drop Crotch Trousers/Harem Pants



Horrible, horrible, horrible. Dreadful. Enough said.









A disturbing trend I have seen a few guys wearing on the street, sometimes with one strap left undone. Overalls are only acceptable if you are dressing as a farmer for Halloween, auditioning for a revival of Oklahoma or are under 10 years old. No, no no. If you are wearing overalls you need an overhaul.







Brands as diverse as Dolce and Gabbana to Urban Outfitters having been featuring jumpsuits for several years. A jumpsuit looks good on about .05% of the male population and is extremely occasion specific. Unless you look like a super hot mechanic who is flying his private plane out of Teterboro Airport, please avoid.

Distressed Denim



Maybe it’s due to the 80’s revival, but shredded or destroyed denim seems to have made a comeback recently. Unless you are under 18, have a 27 inch waist and can make it seem ironic, stay away please….




Brightly Colored Hair 



Done. When you see 11 year old girls dying their hair lavender or blue it is time to stop doing it.





I’m done for now.

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