Way Bandy, Mom, An Egg and Designing Your Face

Everyone is doing facial masks, as well as selfying themselves wearing one, whether the mask is clay, peel-off, cream etc. I have been doing facial masks since I was a teenager, Back then, whether you were male or female, one would go into hiding for 30 minutes lest being discovered participating in such a vanity. I’m including one of myself for this blog and it will be my last and only “facial selfie”. I promise. Continue reading “Way Bandy, Mom, An Egg and Designing Your Face”

Jewelry, Miracles, and Me.

I enjoy jewelry. I wear rings, thin neck chains, cufflinks, and watches.  I appreciate vintage jewelry. Most significant are pieces which have emotional connection, history and have a dimension beyond being merely adornment.

Aside from jewelry I have inherited, and my wedding band, some of my favorite pieces are designed by my talented and gracious friend Mary Jo Pane. MJP’s aptly named collection, Miracle Icons by Mary Jo Pane, uses antique and vintage religious icons to create one of kind necklaces and bracelets. Continue reading “Jewelry, Miracles, and Me.”

Worst Men’s 2017 Fashion Trends

Let’s discuss what trends to avoid for Fall 2017. Some of these are worse than others. I have listed them from bearable to horrible. Actually, other than the first one, which can be acceptable if executed properly, the rest are definite NO’s. Continue reading “Worst Men’s 2017 Fashion Trends”

What to Pack?


I have done a fair amount of travel over the years, for either business, pleasure or both. We are now in the latter half of the summer and everyone’s travel plans go into high gear. Aside from the usual travel stress, delayed flights, over crowded airports, customs, other people… blah, blah, blah, a major stress is packing for the trip.  “I have to pack.” “I don’t know what to pack?”, “I don’t want to over pack?!” Continue reading “What to Pack?”