Worst Men’s 2017 Fashion Trends

Let’s discuss what trends to avoid for Fall 2017. Some of these are worse than others. I have listed them from bearable to horrible. Actually, other than the first one, which can be acceptable if executed properly, the rest are definite NO’s. Continue reading “Worst Men’s 2017 Fashion Trends”

What to Pack?


I have done a fair amount of travel over the years, for either business, pleasure or both. We are now in the latter half of the summer and everyone’s travel plans go into high gear. Aside from the usual travel stress, delayed flights, over crowded airports, customs, other people… blah, blah, blah, a major stress is packing for the trip.  “I have to pack.” “I don’t know what to pack?”, “I don’t want to over pack?!” Continue reading “What to Pack?”