Wardrobe Evaluation and Overhaul

Style, Fashion and Image Consultant Paul Giordano will review and edit your wardrobe, defining a “look” which is appropriate for your lifestyle, bank account and image.

Closet (2)

This personal styling experience, will explore what you want your clothes and accessories to say about you. Paul will show you how to get the most out of your current wardrobe, determining what pieces you need to subtract and add, to look your best. Focusing on an” accentute the positive eliminate the negative” approach to style and dressing ,working with color, fit and your own story, Paul will create the most stylish and authentic you.

This service includes a follow-up report, reviewing the consultation, main points to remember, and suggestions on brands, styles and pieces that work for you.



This is a great follow up to your Wardrobe Evaluation and Overhaul

Shop till you drop (2)

Paul will spend the day with you, hitting the shops in NYC. Working out the best style, fit and colors that will work for you to reach your defined look. His indefatigable quest to find the best look for you will have him sprinting all over the store, while you never have to leave the changing room or figure out where to go. You just show up.

For availability and pricing send Paul a message at Contact

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